Z-Cron 5.2 Build 01

23. Januar 2018

Major Update with some improvements and optimizations.

  • Update Programm DLL/OCX Dateien
  • Customizations MAIL – Wildcards for attachment files
  • Customizations MONITOROFF
  • Customizations DESTROY
  • Customizations GUI
  • New Option – Start job once and delete job
  • New command DLS4000-JOB
  • New command BATCHJOB
  • New command MAIL-ATTACH

The command MAIL-ATTACH Checks a directory for files and sends, if available, as an e-mail attachment. In contrast to the MAIL command, the MAIL-ATTACH command only sends an e-mail if there are files in the directory. If the corresponding files are missing, the command is aborted


Z-Cron 5.0 Build 01

2. Juni 2017

Update with some improvements and optimizations.

+ Update programm DLL/OCX files
+ Customizations for Windows  10




Z-Cron 4.9 Build 96

15. Mai 2016

Update with some improvements and optimizations.

+ Update programm DLL/OCX files
+ Customizations GUI
+ Customizations logfile messages (Batch Jobs)
+ Customizations DYNIPMAIL
+ Customizations KILLWIN-JOB
+ Customizations IPCAM-MAIL

+ New command VPN-CONNECT
+ New command VPN-DISCONNECT
+ New Command MP3-FOLDER-LOOP





Version 4.9 Build 31

9. April 2013

Update with some improvements and optimizations.

  • Buxfix RUNAS (Windows XP)
  • Bugfix Spanish language files
  • Customizations Windows Server 2012
  • Customizations Language files
  • Customizations SMTP-Modul
  • Customizations FTPcopyII-Dialog
  • Customizations 120 DPI Logbuch window
  • Customizations EMail-Modul

Version 4.9

31. Dezember 2012

Major update with several improvements and optimisations.

  • The Z-Cron commands HIBERNATE and STANDBY were reverted to their original function. They put the computer into standby and hibernation mode.
  • PC Timer functionality, i.e. automatic wakeup from standby or hibernation mode, is now possible with the commandsPC-TIMER and/or WAKEUPONSTANDBY. The desired wakeup time can be specified with weekday and time.
  • The SMTP client integrated in Z-Cron can now be set up to use ports 587 (TLS) and 465 (SLS) instead of only the default port 25. This allows Z-Cron to be used with a GMail account.
  • The built-in functions that need a connection to a user’s desktop will now work correctly and are able to display their messages on the desktop, even when Z-Cron runs as a service in the LocalSystem account.
  • In addition to the existing commands to start MP3 playback with an external software, Z-Cron can now play MP3 files on its own as well.

Version 4.8

Minor update with some improvements and optimizations.

  • Customize the installation for Windows 7

Version 4.7

Minor update with some improvements and optimizations.

  • The new GETCGI command can start CGI scripts on web sites or check if they are running. In contrast to the GETURLcommand, the script output is not saved.
  • The command WAKEONLAN was extended with the Broadcast-IP option which allows to change the standard broadcast IP address (
  • The scheduling for Z-DATdump was adapted for the current version. Now a tape intended for the backup for one specific day can be loaded automatically with a tape auto loader.

Version 4.6

Minor update with some improvements and optimizations.

The commands CONNECT and HANGUP were replaced with the commands RAS-DIAL and RAS-HANGUP. This allows to create different jobs to set up a VPN connection.

The scheduling for Z-FTPcopyII and Z-DATdump was adapted for the current program versions. The SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) can now also be specified to be used for automatical file transfers with Z-FTPcopyII.

Version 4.5

Minor update with some improvements and optimizations.

  • With the new command CHECKURL you have an easy way to check if there is an active Internet connection.
  • With the commands NIC-START and NIC-STOP you can enable or disable a network adapter via Z-Cron.
  • With the new command POWERSWITCH you can let Z-Cron control the main switch (for three or four switches in one housing).

Version 4.4

Minor update with some improvements and optimizations. After booting the computer, the system service wasn’t started on some systems. The mail dispatch was revised.

  • With the new command HOSTPING names can be used unlike with the PING command.
  • If you want to close a window using the window name (or a part of it) you can now use the command KILLWIN. All windows with the given name are then closed on schedule.
  • With the new option once per day the time planning is deactivated after the first execution of the job. This makes it possible to create several start times for single job e.g. if the computer was switched off at the first start time.
  • New command HOSTPING
  • New command KILLWIN

License version
Registered users must use the built-in LiveUpdate feature to update their Z-Cron installation! Please do not download the Freeware Version from this website. Installing it would downgrade your Professional Version to the Freeware Version, and the Freeware Version cannot be unlocked.

To update the Professional Version of Z-Cron, do the following:

  1. Open the program settings by clicking on "Program" in the sidebar.
  2. Go to the "Start" tab.
  3. Stop the Z-Cron service.
  4. Click the LiveUpdate button.
  5. In the LiveUpdate dialog box, click the Update-Check button.
  6. After the update information was retrieved, you can start the software update by clicking OK.

Z-Cron Live Update