Version 4.4

31. Dezember 2012

Minor update with some improvements and optimizations. After booting the computer, the system service wasn’t started on some systems. The mail dispatch was revised.

  • With the new command HOSTPING names can be used unlike with the PING command.
  • If you want to close a window using the window name (or a part of it) you can now use the command KILLWIN. All windows with the given name are then closed on schedule.
  • With the new option once per day the time planning is deactivated after the first execution of the job. This makes it possible to create several start times for single job e.g. if the computer was switched off at the first start time.
  • New command HOSTPING
  • New command KILLWIN

License version
Registered users must use the built-in LiveUpdate feature to update their Z-Cron installation! Please do not download the Freeware Version from this website. Installing it would downgrade your Professional Version to the Freeware Version, and the Freeware Version cannot be unlocked.

To update the Professional Version of Z-Cron, do the following:

  1. Open the program settings by clicking on "Program" in the sidebar.
  2. Go to the "Start" tab.
  3. Stop the Z-Cron service.
  4. Click the LiveUpdate button.
  5. In the LiveUpdate dialog box, click the Update-Check button.
  6. After the update information was retrieved, you can start the software update by clicking OK.

Z-Cron Live Update