Z-Cron 4.9 Build 96

15. Mai 2016

Update with some improvements and optimizations.

+ Update programm DLL/OCX files
+ Customizations GUI
+ Customizations logfile messages (Batch Jobs)
+ Customizations DYNIPMAIL
+ Customizations KILLWIN-JOB
+ Customizations IPCAM-MAIL

+ New command VPN-CONNECT
+ New command VPN-DISCONNECT
+ New Command MP3-FOLDER-LOOP





License version
Registered users must use the built-in LiveUpdate feature to update their Z-Cron installation! Please do not download the Freeware Version from this website. Installing it would downgrade your Professional Version to the Freeware Version, and the Freeware Version cannot be unlocked.

To update the Professional Version of Z-Cron, do the following:

  1. Open the program settings by clicking on "Program" in the sidebar.
  2. Go to the "Start" tab.
  3. Stop the Z-Cron service.
  4. Click the LiveUpdate button.
  5. In the LiveUpdate dialog box, click the Update-Check button.
  6. After the update information was retrieved, you can start the software update by clicking OK.

Z-Cron Live Update