Version 5.0

31. Dezember 2012

Major update with substantial improvements and optimizations.

Z-DATdump was originally developed as an add-on module for our professional backup software Z-DBackup. Once installed, the program runs in the background for most users, without any user interaction.

For our users who use Z-DATdump as a stand-alone application, we have updated the program interface and the user controls.

In the manual selection for a tape dump, you can now select single files and/or several directories. If necessary, the selected data is split among multiple tapes (max. 10). It is important, however, that no single file exceeds the capacity of one tape.

Splitting very large files to multiple tapes will be implemented with one of the next updates.

All Z-DATdump functions which use Windows Explorer were removed from the program and substituted with newly written routines. The user interface for file selections can be a little slower, but now even very large directory structures are displayed reliably.

The current version contains adjustments for use on a Windows Server 2008 Core which does not usually have the normal Windows Explorer.

In addition to the throughput-display in MB/s which refers to the time for the whole backup, the new version also displays the current tape speed during the backup and stores it in the log file.

The new interface to Z-VSScopy makes it possible to back up files and directories from a volume shadow copy. The needed shadow copy is automatically created. Thus, open and locked files and applications can now be saved easily and reliably while they are running.

The automatical CRC-check of the latest attached backup was improved. Z-DATdump’s FastSeek feature is now also available for most Ultrium, LTO-3, LTO-4, and LTO-5 drives. This feature allows the user to quickly select single files from a backup and restore them. To use this feature, the backup must have been created with Z-DATdump 4.8 or newer.

The backup size limitation of the Freeware Version of 4096 MB was increased to 12 GB which corresponds to the capacity of a DDS-3 tape.

  • New Z-TapeInfo.exe because of Trojan Hoax from PC Tools
  • Adjustments for Server 2008 R2
  • DAD Mode for tape drives
  • Adjustments for LTO-5 / Ultrium Laufwerke
  • Interface Z-VSScopy
  • Bugfix Data Execution Prevention Mode (DEP)
  • Bugfix Server 2003 Recognition
  • Bugfix Automatic check

License version
Registered users must use the built-in LiveUpdate feature to update their Z-DATdump installation! Please do not download the Freeware Version from this website. Installing it would downgrade your Professional Version to the Freeware Version, and the Freeware Version cannot be unlocked.

Z-DATdump Live Update