Version 5.2

31. Dezember 2012

Important: In the current version, the option


is deactivated by default. This means that the position of the files on the tape is not automatically tracked and stored in a file anymore.

This option must be set manually in Z-DATdump versions 5.2 and higher. It can be set in the program settings or with the command-line parameter


Unfortunately, the FastSeek option requires a lot of time on old tape drives which can lead to massive slowdowns when backing up more than 5,000 files.

Users who back up only few but large files should still use this function because it makes restoring single files much faster and more comfortable because the tape drive can immediately reel the tape to the correct position instead of reading in the whole tape looking for the file.

An index of the files on a tape used with Z-DATdump can also be created at a later time.

  • Update helpfile for Z-DATdump
  • Adjustments for Z-VSScopy
  • Adjustments for Z-DBackup
  • Adjustments for file selections
  • Adjustments for file selections
  • Improved tape drive detection 64 bit OS
  • Bugfix quick format display
  • Bugfix commandline parameter
  • Bugfix Tapeloader selection from setup
  • Bugfix proxy setup LiveUpdate
  • Bugfix save file selection

License version
Registered users must use the built-in LiveUpdate feature to update their Z-DATdump installation! Please do not download the Freeware Version from this website. Installing it would downgrade your Professional Version to the Freeware Version, and the Freeware Version cannot be unlocked.

Z-DATdump Live Update